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The ICELAB Ltd. ( specialises in providing small companies with an ecommerce "web shop" to enable them to utilise the mass market of the internet. The ICELAB prides itself on its flexibility, creativity and its ability to engage with clients, understanding their needs, creating a "web shop" window helping them to achieve their overall business objectives. We are the only web company out of 100's of web companies in Kent passionately focussed on e-commerce.

Alan Noake...

With over 25 years experience in the IT industry ICELAB's Managing Director ("Online Shopping Guru") Alan Noake has worked on over 100 web development projects for a wide variety of clients ranging in size and industry sector.

Our brand...

Our name and logo were chosen to reflect our cool websites (ICE), creative passionate ideas (FIRE) and experimenting with new online business models (LAB). Ice - just like our solutions - can be solid but can also be melted down and formed into new shapes to adapt to the ever changing business environment.

Our track record...

This is the bit on most web company websites where it is typical to drone on and on for pages about our previous extensive experience (more than 100 websites!) and the kind of high profile clients our staff have previously worked for (Buckingham Palace among others!)

... anyhow that's all in the past and we like to keep things short & sweet. Suffice it to say we've been there, seen it, done it and got the T-Shirt. We specialise in ecommerce in Kent. Want to talk about some cool new ideas for the web? Then give us a call.

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